"My Friends" ~by Rich(オンライン英会話KU-ON)

Since I was a kid, I’ve collecting friends, because having them is the happiest thing I could have. They make my life happy, full of excitement, thrill and meaning. They maybe have different attitudes, likes and dislikes, but I accept them for what they are, because they accept me for what I am to them. Friends give me big chances to forget about worries and pain. They are there when I need them, when I want a shoulder to cry on. They serve as my angels who keep me protected against bad things. Friends surround me with all the love I need. Love that neither a stranger nor big people can give. I am so grateful that I’ve been blessed with so many friends. Until now, I still have a lot of friends; some old friends stay, and most are new ones. Even though I have a lot of new friends, I still have the old ones, I will keep my friendship to them, and I’m hoping they still remember our friendship. All friends are very significant; life will never be completed without them.

The Lightning ~by Maureen

It was raining today and all of us were in the Global Standard Edu-Net building. It was brown-out/power off because of the heavy rain and lightning. It was cool and we wanted to drink hot coffee or eat cup noodles and teacher Rezzie was thirsty but there was no hot water and even water. One of the teachers notices the water boy and we decided to call him and ask to refill the water dispenser. Me, Grace, Rezzie, and Alvin went to the veranda and call them but they didn’t hear us because of the rain. Then teacher Alvin gets the empty bottle and shouts again for refill. After that they understand us and they were now getting new bottled water and deliver to the Edu-net building. While waiting a strong lightning came and all of us were shocked “adrenaline rush” the three of us shouted “AAAAHHHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Teacher Grace and Rezzie covered their ears and move backward while shouting, me I do the same while bending my head down, and teacher Alvin say “AAAYYY!!!” while cover his mouth and move sideward. After what happened all of us laughed of our reactions AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It was funny and then we talk about the right things to do when there was a huge lightning and went back inside. =n_n=